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A Guide to Choosing Colours for Your Space

You can say a lot with colours and the same applies to the colours you put on your walls. Colours not only change a space dramatically, it also says a lot about the person you are.

Moreover, the right colour can enhance your mood, make your feel relaxed or leave you gasping for a whiff of fresh air.

The colour palette for your walls is expansive; whether you go for paint or wallpaper and it can be quite confusing to decide on the right colour. Even if you have found just the shade you want, you may not know how well it will sync with your existing furniture and interior design and decoration.

Painting your walls or installing wallpapers can be expensive so you need to take everything into consideration before jumping into the project.

Check out a Colour Wheel

Paint shops have colour wheels or shades books allowing you to go through the entire spectrum of shades you can have. You can either select shades from lighter tones or darker tones depending on your style or the room you are painting.

Cool shades of blue, green or yellow create an atmosphere of tranquillity and allow you to relax in a natural environment. On the other hand, warmer shades such as rich earthy colours, darker shades and reds are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere or for rooms where you have your social gatherings.

However, such rooms with dark shades can also make your feel claustrophobic sometime. So keep in mind the amount of natural light and air that flows through the room before applying such dark shades.

Interior decorators can find you some excellent colours that you might not normally consider.

Check out the Latest Trends

Check out the latest shades in wall paints or wallpapers that are currently all the rage. Flip through home decor magazines or search the net for shades that are trending right now.

You may want to create a more dramatic effect by applying such shades if they are in sync with the interior decoration of your rooms.

Some of these modern shades are bronze, pearl, gold, copper or even gold. Such colours never make the room look gaudy during the day while at night, they create a spectacular effect with all the lights on.

You can also go for combined shades such as sunshine yellow, lime green, tangerine or royal blue exude energy and you can use these to create a rich feeling in your rooms.

However, classic combinations of shades such as cool green bedrooms; or bright yellow sitting rooms or classy blue and white kitchens never go out of fashion.

Do a Test Checking

Once you have decided on a few shades, buy samples and apply them in patches at corners in different rooms. Watch how the natural light plays on these colours throughout the day and how your lighting affects their look at night. Visit interiordecorationsydney.com.au/inner-west/ for some fantastic ideas.

Be Bold enough to Experiment

It is not necessary that your interior decoration should have monochromatic walls. Be bold enough to experiment with contrasting shades to make your rooms look remarkable at any time of the day. You can apply a particular shade to one wall and paint the other walls in a contrasting shade.